New Zealand is one of the best motorcycling environments in the world as the open roads are well constructed and unhampered by heavy traffic.

For all our tours we have the option of a full-time professional tour guide with you for the whole tour (Fully Guided Tours) or a tour guide to start you off in the right direction (Personalised Tours).

These tours fill up fast and there is something for everyone, and if you cant find it, we can design it for you.

Duration: Riding days: 8

Premium 8-day package takes you along the world best riding roads, over mountains, through water crossings and across picturesque rainforests. Enjoy the natural diversity New Zealand has to offer and spend your nights sleeping in wonderfully selected Premium accommodation.

Duration: 20 days, Self-Guided Tour

This is the ultimate tour of New Zealand , covering all the main aspects of the country's many types of nature as well as some of the nicest roads you can imagine to ride. You will be smiling all the way.

Freedom to Travel at Your Own Pace

Camping & Cabin Tours

For people who enjoy the outdoors, star gazing and waking up to the birds' morning chorus, this is the ideal choice. These tours give you a true closeness to our amazing New Zealand nature. We have selected some of the most scenic camping sites available in New Zealand. All camping equipment is provided by us. One tent per person/couple. Alternatively, if you are not keen on camping you can join these tours using the cabin option. All you need is to bring a good sleeping bag.

Breakfast is included in the camping tours and served in the camp. Dinner is cooked on site by the guides, except for 3 evenings when we eat out. After breakfast and evening meals we share the duty to do the dishes so everyone has a chance to help out and also get to know each other better.

Our guides live in New Zealand, are active motorbike riders and know the roads and country extremely well. They ensure the smooth running of all our tours to maximize your enjoyment of your NZ holiday.

The guides will give you informative briefings outlining the points of interest. They will help with booking any activities you may like to try as well as being great travel buddies. They will endeavour to help you do the things you want to do on your motorcycle vacation.

Our Tour Guides

Our Service

We make a point of avoiding a "cattle drive" by limiting the tour groups to a maximum of 12 and giving each rider sufficient freedom to travel at their own pace. A day’s ride is usually between 200-400km allowing plenty of time for sightseeing, relaxing or more bike riding.

Our support vehicle transports your luggage and provides backup on the road thus enabling you to enjoy your riding to the full. In the mornings we discuss the day's route, attractions on the way and our destination for the end of the day. The road is then yours to enjoy.