Where should I go?

Everybody, absolutely everybody agrees the South Island is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand, The highest mountains, glorious rainforests, lakes of azure blue, the hottest and coldest of places, the quietest roads and best curves are in the South. No question ! The South Island should be the focus of any motorcycle trip in New Zealand.

However, the North Island has it's gems too....the very beautiful and romantic Bay of Islands, majestic mountains, lush native forest, one of the worlds finest wine growing regions in Hawkes Bay,and a capital city Wellington located on a harbour.

Ok, both islands offer a lot for you to see and do, tell us what you want from your New Zealand holiday and we can help you plan accordingly.

For any motorcycle rental less than 14 days we would recommend the South Island, for 3 weeks spend 2 weeks in the South and one in the North. You won’t regret it and a quick look at our tour itineraries will confirm this.

How safe and reliable are our bikes?

All rental motorcycles comply with NZ Government regulations and have passed a current vehicle safety inspection. All motorcycles have been maintained to the highest professional standards. There are no short cuts and no cheap fixes. This is our guarantee.

What is the Bond?

The Bond is the excess we pay on the full insurance of the motorcycle, this varies from model to model of motorcycle in our fleet.  This is held as an electronic authorisation on your credit card until the day you return.  Should there be any damage to pay for, we go over this with you and in most cases the amount is deducted and the balance cleared on the same day.

The Bond can be substantially reduced by a bond buyout scheme if your rental period is longer than 7 days.

What happens if I have an accident or a breakdown?

Call us as soon as you can.  We are available 24/7 to assist you with any problem you may encounter, we are here to help you.

If I have a one way rental how do I get my luggage that is left behind?

We can quote a charge for a courier for you priced per case island to island.  Let us know you require this service and we can arrange it.

Is the bike fully covered for riding on dirt roads?

Yes, we are one of the few companies that have our bikes fully insured for gravel road – you are covered as long as it is a registered public road. The following roads are fully covered: Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd, Glenorchy-Paradise Rd, Priory Rd, Glenorchy-Routeburn Rd, Kinloch Rd, Greenstone Station Rd, Croisilles-French Pass Rd

Are there any toll roads in the South Island, and if so how do I pay for tolls, e.g. cash, or toll pass card, or toll account?

Toll fees are all included in our rental rates

Does the F850GS have tubed or tubeless tyres? Are spare tubes included in the hire cost?

Tubeless, we offer puncture repair kits for hire($20)

Are any tools provided in the hire cost, e.g. tyre irons, spanners for removing the wheels to change a tube (if it has tubed tyres), tyre plugs if the tyres are tubeless, spanners for tensioning the chain or tightening the mirrors?

Our bikes have limited tools under the seat, we can offer a comprehensive tool roll if you would like one for a small fee, we also sell SBV tool kits at a very attractive pricing.

Is it OK to bring my tank bag, or do I need to hire 1 of your tank bags?

Our bikes are fitted with tank bag rings, you need to use one of our compatible ones

What insurance do I require?

Our Full Motorcycle Insurance covers accident, fire, theft, third party damage and public liability in excess of the Bond.

Because of New Zealand's publicly funded accident compensation scheme, no fault insurance is provided to users of motor vehicles.  This means nobody can be sued by any other party involved in an accident in any circumstances. Normal insurance takes care of damage to the vehicles and the New Zealand health system takes care of the injuries. It's very neat and tidy.

If you are an overseas visitor, you don't need to arrange insurance to cover the motorcycle or yourself should you have an accident.  However, we do strongly recommend that you arrange Travel Insurance before you leave your homeland.  This will cover you personally in the event of sickness, theft of personal belongings, any cancellations, and any damage costs that may be deducted from the bond on the bike.  

Our insurance cover precludes any cover at all for those under 21 years of age and restricts those between 21 and 25 to 650cc or less.

How do I take my personal belongings with me, and do you have somewhere I can store an empty suitcase after I load the bike and depart?

All our bikes have hard lockable side cases, either BMW issue or Givi 36-liter panniers. Top boxes and tank bags are available on request. There is a limited number of tank bags available; whether these are used or you bring your own, the tanks must be protected with a cover or duct tape to prevent scratches, which can be expensive. If you are on a Fully Guided Tour, your luggage is transported in the support van. Additionally, we have a secure luggage storage room where you can store an empty suitcase after you load the bike and depart.

Can I rent motorcycle riding gear from you?

Yes you certainly can!  We can kit you out with a full riding suit (helmet, gloves, jacket, pants) for a small daily fee, the style and fit suited to you.  Although it should be mentioned here that your gear will always fit you better than anything we have and you should consider bringing your own along if your rental period is a long one.

What are the transportation options to your rental depot? Do you provide airport transfers, and what is the typical cost of a taxi from the airport?

The best transportation option is Uber, or you can take a taxi, which typically costs around $15 (price is for our Christchurch branch).

For clients on fully guided or self-guided tours, airport transfers are included in your tour package.

For independent rental clients, we normally do not provide airport transfers, but if your flight arrives at a very early or late hour, we can arrange a shuttle bus for you at your cost.

For those visiting for the first time, Auckland Airport is about 30-40 minutes from Auckland city center, the price depends on the hour and traffic. Christchurch airport is a 5 minutes drive from our depot.

Tell us your travel plans, and we are always ready to help!

What's the insurance excess if I'm involved in an accident?

Standard excess is NZ$4500, however you can reduce this by taking our extra CDW insurance

Is any roadside assistance provided, e.g. for flat tyre, flat battery, mechanical issues, etc.?


What tyres will be provided on the F850GS?

Metzeler Karoo 3

Does the F850GA have a USB port for charging a mobile phone or SatNav while riding?

Yes, we have the latest model F850GS, they have a USB

Are there any areas that are off-limits even if they have gazetted and/or sign-posted road names?

Any beaches or river beds are off limits and not covered by insurance

What is the capacity of the top box and side cases, and are they lockable?

We have two sizes of alloy Givi Trekker Outback top cases, 42 or 58 liters, and each side case has a capacity of 36 liters. Both the top box and side cases are lockable.

Is it OK if I bring my own RAM mounts and Quadlocks for mounting my phone and GoPro, or do I need to hire/buy these from you?

Our bikes already come quad lock and vibration dampener, you are welcome to bring a ram mount, some of our bikes already have them on for navi mount